faustLogo International Faust Conference 2020

1-2 December 2020, Saint-Denis (France) (initial dates: 14-15 May)

Stéphane Letz  1@  , Yann Orlarey, Romain Michon, Dominique Fober@
1 : Grame
Centre National de Création Musicale
11 cours de Verdun Gensoul, 69002 Lyon -  France

SOUL is a new audio Domain Specific Language and a run- time platform developed by ROLI, which aims to modernise and optimise the way high-performance and low-latency audio code is written and executed. FAUST is a functional Domain Specific Language specifically designed for real-time signal processing and synthesis. Both approaches share common ideas: sample level DSP computation, fixed memory and CPU footprints, dynamic JIT compilation, CPU efficiency, multi-targets deployment (native and embedded platforms, up to the Web). This paper presents a work in progress done around the idea of hybridizing FAUST with this new language.

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