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1-2 December 2020, Saint-Denis (France) (initial dates: 14-15 May)

Dominique Blanchemain  1@  
1 : D.Blanchemain
Ministère de l'Education Nationale

metaSurface64 is a control surface for continual real time sound transformations which has its own loop generator, up to 64 voicesand a multi-effect FX motor.

Each tile of the surface allows direct control of the gain and the attached plug-ins. It is also possible to control the tracks and plug-ins of an external sequencer (Ardour or Reaper). To do this, theapplication uses modules controlable by OSC which come fromtheFaust librarywhich is embedded within it.

It is also possibleto have an external input for a tile.You can write new plugins in theFaust languageand integratethem into the surface.

New controllers for external plug-ins incor-porated in your DAW (digital audio workstation) can be added toextend the possibilities. Finally, you can create new tiles for your surface.

The area's audio files can be multi-channel.

The Jack output of each tile can be set independently and can be mono or multi-channel.

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