faustLogo International Faust Conference 2020

1-2 December 2020, Saint-Denis (France) (initial dates: 14-15 May)



Guidelines for submissions

All submission (papers, artistic proposals, workshops...) initial call deadline: February 29th, 2020

Notification of acceptance for the submissions of the first call: March 31st, 2020

All submission (papers, artistic proposals, workshops) second call deadline (since the conference is postponed): August 31st

Notification of acceptance for the submissions of the second call: September 20th, 2020

Camera-ready version: Oct 15th, 2020

calls [english]

appels [français]

All submissions must be uploaded through the conference website.
All submissions must be written in english.
All submissions will be peer-reviewed.
All accepted submissions will be present in the proceedings.

You may already have an account to the conference website due to other conferences using the same service (previous account on sciencesconf.org or HAL). If that is the case, when logging in, please go to the "Registration" page and fill out the missing information - in particular the expected arrival and departure times which will allow us to schedule the conference program accordingly.

To submit, follow this link (or go to "My Submission" in the "My Space" button which will appear after you register to the conference website).

Paper submissions

We welcome submissions from academics, professionals, independent programmers, artists, etc. We solicit original papers centered around the Faust programming language in the following categories:

  • Original research
  • Technology tutorial
  • Artistic project report (e.g., installation, composition, etc.)

Papers should be written in english, up to 14 pages in length, non anonymous, and formatted according to the conference templates.

ifc20templates [last update aug. 11th 2020]

All submissions are subject to peer review. Acceptance may be conditional upon changes being made to the paper as directed by reviewers.

Accepted papers will be published on-line. They will be presented by their author(s) at IFC-20.

Round Table Topics

A series of round tables on the following themes will take place:

  • Faust Tools (e.g., Architectures, IDE, Faust Code Generator, On-Line Services, etc.)
  • DSP in Faust and Faust Libraries (e.g., New Algorithms, New Libraries, Missing Functions, etc.)
  • Faust Compiler and Semantics
  • Artistic Creation with Faust
  • Teaching Faust
  • Other Topics / Open Session

We solicit topic suggestions from the Faust community for each of these themes. Topics can be submitted as one page papers in english.

Call for music pieces and installations using Faust

We solicit original music pieces with electronics using Faust programming language. They can be electroacoustic or mixed music for solo instruments and live electronics. Two musicians will be proposed by the conference organizers playing the following instruments: a mandoline/mandole/mandoloncello player and a piano player. It is also possible for composers to provide their own musician(s) in case of a piece for another /other instrument(s), or to play their own music with theirinstrument. The artistic committee will select the pieces that will be performed in a concert of Faust pieces on December 1st in the evening.

We will also provide a piano (Yamaha C3X) for the concert on December 1st.

We also welcome proposals of installations using Faust code. Their creators will have to provide all device and material necessary for the installation.

For all these artistic proposals, composers/creators are required to put all material (score, Faust code, indications for performing, schemes, audio files in 48KHz) on a public and permanent repository for instance on Github. A one page PDF presentation of the music piece in english must be submitted as a paper, giving all indications to download the files to have a precise idea of the creation.

Workshop, demonstration or tutorial proposals

We also solicit proposals of workshops, demonstrations or tutorials. In addition to the amphitheater for the paper presentation, to the auditorium for the concert, two seminar rooms have been reserved. They are equipped with video-projectors and stereo diffusion. Each room can contain a maximum of 24 persons.

A one page PDF presentation in english of the workshop, demonstration or tutorial must be submitted as a paper.

For all submissions, feel free to contact us if you have any question.


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